West Coast Park playground revisited

We returned to West Coast Park a year from our first visit and were pleasantly surprised  with quite a number of additional playgrounds and features. Here is an update on the stuff we see at West Coast Park Adventure playground.

We spotted several new play areas that seems to be tailored for the younger ones. Our group of 5-8 year old boys enjoyed the new playground, taking their time to explore the new play features.

Brightly colored play area with a fire-engine for kids 2-12 years old

Make music with drums or pretend to be firemen. The kids zoom in and out of the cute fire-engine, similar to the one at Pasir Ris Adventure Playground. There seems to be more toddler friendly features over here though.

The boys love the panel with the steering wheel.

More play equipment for kids 2-12

Play feature that spins and any thing with racing tracks equals fun for the boys.

The giant spinning wheel.

Buggy for rent and more spinning play features.

The section at the park for the older kids have some interesting add-ons as well. The pyramid for climbing have two cool looking slides added to it. The flying fox, obstacle course, a play structure that look is like an atom, together with many balancing beams and climbing features make this look like an ideal training ground for future adventurers-in-making.

New slides are added to the already fun pyramid with safety nets.

Obstacle that looks fun and challenging to balance on.

Cool looking feature with nets for climbing.

Four rows of flying fox…sure cut down on the waiting time for this popular feature in playgrounds.

The ultimate flying fox.

The balancing beams, tunnels, rock climbing walls and ladders sure looks like fun for kids who need to expand their energy and train up their motor-skills.

A playground for kids age 7 and above

Almost all the old stuff are still there except for some changes to the signs and instructions for play. The boys still love the ship playground the most, settling for good old fashion sand play and pretending to be pirates after exploring the new stuff.

The ship playground is still the favorite.

The boys love climbing to where they can steer the ship, the fort and dig for "treasure".

The upgrade to this already awesome outdoor playground makes coming here double the fun. Upgrades and more pavilions seems to be in the works which is great to mitigate the heat in the afternoon.

Where: Parallel to West Coast Highway (Right behind the McDonald – 71 West Coast Highway Singapore 126844 )
$$$: Free

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