123 Color

Coloring App that teaches letters and numbers.

This nifty mobile app is a nice introduction to colour matching, painting and learning about ABCs, numbers and names of colours.

123 Color comes with 4 options for the child. Fill in the correct colour according to the letters labeled ABC for upper of lower case, according to the numbers or just paint the picture with the colour desired.

After the child select the option he wants, he gets to select a picture he likes to start colouring with. There are plenty of cute pictures to start with.

If the child selects the number or alphabet option, the app will guide him on which colour looks good in the picture. There is a palette of 30 colours to choose from.

When the number of alphabet is for the colour is selected, the voice over will read out the name of the alphabet or number. When the kid complete the picture, he is rewarded with music and animation. Yeah to these positive reinforcements in mobile apps. Perfect way of getting a kid who is not that keen in colouring activities interested. Especially when they can take the easy way our of the chore when just a click on the paint bucket gets the whole area coloured.

The kid gets to select the topic and picture.

I  like that beside showing the picture, each picture has a title that describe the image being shown so kids get to learn about names objects they are painting.

Kids are guide on which colours looks good with which object.

The voice over and label teach the kids about the numbers.


In the colour learning option, kids can learn about the name of colours and have the additional option of using paint brush.

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