Arthur’s Family Values Series

It’s been around for twenty years and even on PBS kids and Okto but we would  not have notice this gem of a series but a nice acquaintance’s kid have out grown Arthur’s family values series’s books and she decide to pass it on to us.  Arthur Series by Marc Brown involve Arthur, an ardvark and his family and friends and this family value series tells of interesting little stories that weave in lesson about values such as keeping a promise, manners, volunteering etc.

The illustrations of this series is very charming and give us plenty to talk about during story telling time. The stories are simple and straight forward and tells of situations kids can easily relate to.  My 5 year old son is the first to fall in love with Arthur and I start to like how the stories subtly teach kids about values and how to handle situations like when Arthur made a promise which is hard to keep but he prevail and things work out quite well after all.

For more  about Arthur, check out:

Arthur’s page on PBS Kids


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