Last Minute Teachers Day Gift Ideas

It’s Teacher’s day! In 4 days! Given the sensitivity with teachers accepting purchased gifts here at most government affiliated schools, we have found some awesome last minute DIY ideas to show your kids teachers your appreciation.


Some Teacher’s Day Craft Idea

We like that many of the designs are cute and sweet but simple enough you and your child can probably reproduce them using recycled materials with some writing, colouring, cutting and sticking for a more personalised gift.

Customised Stationary

Customised Stationary is unique and useful at the same time. Some of them are also super simple to make.


Button Bookmarks by iheartnaptime

We love the customised bookmarks from iheartnaptime. All you need are some paper clips and buttons and there you go.


Post it notes by paperwings

The post it notes gift by paperwings is such a great idea and makes a handy present for any teacher. They look so pretty and are surprisingly simple to make.

Cookie or Sweets in a Jar with a cute message

Stress Pills Bottles by ikatbag

Stress Pills Bottles by ikatbag

These Anti-Stress Pills Bottles are so cute and funny. Yes of course teachers need them! Check out the details from ikatbag

Cookie Gift by itsoverflowing

Cookie Gift by itsoverflowing

This sweet cookie gift by itsoverflowing  can be easily applied to not just a jar but a pack of cookies too. A free printable tag is available on itsoverflowing’s website.


Smarties wit a smart tag by thatscountryliving

A jar, some decoration and smarties and an interesting message by thatscountryliving makes this a cute and yummy gift.

Pack of Some Sweets or Cookie

A small pack of sweets or cookies works equally well with a custom label and cute message. Customised it with your teacher’s name!



Cute text and appealing colour  on this label by domesticatedlady make this assortment of sweet a cool gift.

Cookie bag with Thankyou tag by livinglocurto

Cookie bag with Thank you tag by livinglocurto

 livinglocurto have some nice and sweet labels for printing too.

Give a Plant


Plant gift by livinglocurto

A nice tags works on a plant too. This plant gift by livinglocurto have a nice metaphor to it.





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