Goodie Bags for Kids Parties

Goodie bags or loot bags for kids is getting popular these days especially at kids birthday parties. It’s a feel good thing and hopefully helps instill  the spirit of giving as birthday kid gives each of his friends a goodie bag in appreciation to his friends for celebration. Here are some goodie bag ideas and places to get them.

Kids love these goodie bags

Goodie bag ideas:

  • Stickers
  • Little toys &  favors like Yo Yos, blowers, whistles, spinning tops
  • Stationary like cute little notebooks, rulers, erasers
  • Snacks and candies like crackers, jellies and lollipops

Smiler Kaleidoscope, Sharpeners, Spinning Tops and Mini Xylophones from Chepito Toys,

Places to get goodie bag stuff:

Chepito Toys

What: Cute little toys, stationary and craft sets

Fun Learning Yard

What: Mini toys that can also be use to teach science concepts at incredible prices


What: Value for money novelty items. Choose from prepacked goodie bags, a variety of cute stationary, toys or activity books.

The Party Stuff

What: Value favor packs of popular characters such as Dora, Ben 10 and Thomas the Train. Bags and Boxes to put the loot.

Party in a Bag

What: Prepacked boxes of toys/stationary/Cups of popular characters Great for theme parties.

Gifts Greetings

What: Toys/Decorations/Party Costumes
What do you like or not like in your kid’s goodie bag?  What does your kid like?


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