Cool Halloween Costumes for Kids

We are looking for some cool costumes we can make for our kids and ended up mesmerised with. Here are some of them:

Halloween Costumes!

Homemade ‘Bumblebee’ Transformer Costume

Our favourite got to be this Bumble Bee costume that actually transform!

Check out the work in progress pictures on coolest-homemade-costumes

Mindcraft Costume

We love the effect of this mindcraft costume and swords from kerryannmorgan The best part is you can do it with a printer.

Kids and parenting

The printable pdf is available at

They also have a video on how you can do it yourself.

LED Light Suit Halloween Costume

This cute video of the baby in a led costume that went vira is cute but the instructions doesn’t look anywhere doable for laypeople like us.

For instructions of a similar costume you can check the video below

LightStick Halloween costume

Here’s an easier light stick version that is just as cool

Kids and parenting

Check out countingbunniestoo tutorial on how it can be done.

Bat WIngs!

These bat wings look easy enough to make. Check out the printable

Kids and parenting

Just Print on a a shirt

This cool idea comes with printables that you can print on transferable and iron on …or simply print on paper and velcro on.

Kids and parenting

TUTU with pumpkin face

A tutu immediately transforms a simple outfit in to a costume girls love. Check out this pretty tutu with a pumkin face from craftpassion

Kids and parenting

TUTU with pumpkin face

The Easy Ghost

There is always the good old ghost. Running With Scissors shows how using black lace on the eyes help give the ghost a dark eye while letting the kids see.

Kids and parenting

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