“How to Count” Embroidered Cloth Book

“How to Count” cloth book by (Smile Kids) is one unique counting cloth book compare to what we usually see. First of all, every thing is either sewed on or embroidered rather than printed. This give everything an unique texture and babies/toddlers/children can touch and feel all the numbers and pictures in the book.

How to Count Fabric Book – Right: Detachable kites and apples in a basket for counting.

All the pages in the book are interactive with fun illustrations for each number. We love how all the items for counting are either in little fabric pockets or Velcro attachments which kids can pull apart or played with separately. Our only complain is the white cloth pages feels rather stiff to touch.

The fabric book comes with soft cloth handles and can be zipped  up like a bag so that the detachable pieces can be kept safely inside.

The cat and the lady bugs can be taken out.

3 bunnies and 4 bees.

The Butterflies and balls are detachable

Our favorite page. love the embodied ducks and how the kites even have tails.

Mushrooms on the grass and apples in a basket!

The “How to Count” Embroidered Cloth Book is available at littlemangoplace and Amazon.

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