Iron-on Labels by MuaKids

I was packing for the New Year when I came across this pack of iron-on labels, which I had ordered for my eldest about 3 years ago. When she started primary school, she had lost countless of things, which also included her pinafore. I had to replace her pinafore time and again until I came across Muakids

Yes, I know my review came 3 years late but better late than never.

Mua Kids Iron On Labels

Clear Instructions Comes with It

I chose the labels that came with 44 labels. I thought it was too many but there was no other options then. You could choose the icon, font and colour of the labels.

There are also washing instructions and notes.

Since I have so many labels, I started ironing them on all her pinafores, PE t-shirts and shorts. I thought after a while, these labels would drop off, fade or crease away and I could iron the new labels over them. I was very wrong. It lasted so long that when I passed down the uniforms to my niece, I told her mum to do something about it.

These iron-on labels are of good quality and really very lasting. My only complaint is that I had to buy in big quantity and I’m still left with more than 30 of them.

Disclosure/Disclaimer:  I ordered the Muakids Iron On Labels on their website and paid full price for it.  I enjoy being able to share my opinions and experiences with products to help other parents make informed decisions.


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