iWriteWords make writing fun

Ever try coaxing your little one to practice writing and getting them to write the strokes in the correct way? I am thankful to find this mobile app. The cute graphics, sounds and animations combined make the the activity sweat free and fun.

iWriteWords comes with the option for the child to “write” numbers and alphabets in upper and lower case.

When the child select the option he wants, the number or letter appear with cute sound effect and a little crab and numbers to guide the child. The child need to guide the little crab in the sequence of the numbers shown and when the task is complete, he will be rewarded by an graphic showing the numbers in dots along with animation, crapping and cheering sounds and voice over of the number or alphabet. Great way to reinforce the writing task. There is even an option to replay the numbers and letters the child wrote along with voice over and while doing that, the child can play a cute little song by tapping on the screen.

The number options help the child write and learn numbers

I especially like the guided numbering as the child will be guide on the correct direction and sequence to write. It saves me many hours I would have to otherwise to convince my preschooler to write in the sequence mummy want.

The tree house stands tall and inviting.

The words option that comes with the alphabets is a handy way to teach the child how to spell while writing.

Write a “P”!

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