Kids Numbers and Math

Kids Numbers and Math by Intellijoy makes learning numbers and basic addition and subtraction fun for preschoolers to 7 year old. This mobile app is really a combination of 8 mini math games : Learn Numbers, Now, You Count, Find Largest Number, Find Smallest Number , Practice Addition, Practice Subtraction, Advance Exercise and Find a Match.

Kids Numbers and Math Menu

The colours are bright and happy and there are plenty of sounds effects and words of encouragement to provide the positive reinforcements to the kids. After completing a number of correct answers, the kid will be rewarded with a cute  image. Kids can shake the screen for some entertaining animation or swipe their finger across the game to switch between games.

The mini games are arrange according to the kid’s math know how. The first mini game starts from the basic, with the friendly voice reading each number as it is  shown on screen. Kids need to press the arrow keys to navigate among the numbers.

Learn Numbers

You can shake the phone and change the screen to a night view image where stars are used to represent the number instead. Shake it again and you get the roman numeral shown on the top right of the screen.

Learn Numbers

Now that the kid have learn the numbers, it is time to proceed to learning how to count.  The friendly voice instructs the kid to count the flowers and recite the number as  the kid count. If the kid choose the wrong answer, he will be given some feedback/encouragement like “Not quite”, “You will get it”. When he gets it right, he gets praise and encouragement like “You did it! ” “Perfect!”

Now, You Count.

When you shake the phone the flowers changes.

Now, You Count.

Find Largest Number and Find Smallest Number share the same interface. The balloons slowly descent and the kid choose the correct answer to get the next set of balloons.

Find Largest Number and Find Smallest Number

For the android version,  the cute android mascot will appear to ask you to shake the phone at certain intervals,just for fun.

Find Largest Number and Find Smallest Number

The sound of wind blowing together with a screen change comes next.

Find Largest Number and Find Smallest Number

Practice Addition can be quite challenging for the younger kids but for older ones, it is good practice. Shake the phone when you are bored with adding the numbers and the fruits on the trees will fall.

Practice Addition

Practice Subtraction uses a blackboard and apple metaphor.

Practice Subtraction

Advance exercise makes good math practice. Shake the phone and the numbers move about to change places with the others.

Advance exercise

Find a match is a nice matching game with thunder and rain sound effect.

Find a Match and the reward picture at the end of each game.

Available on:
iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch and Android phones and devices.


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