Mandrain Flash Cards mobile app

Want to increase your kid’s Mandarin Vocab or just to expose them to the Mandarin Language?

For the busy parent, the Mandarin Flash Card app by Baby Cortex might just offer some learn on their own time for the mandarin language.

Mandarin flash cards comes with some useful settings

We like how there is a parental lock on this mobile app that prevents the kid from going to the settings and get more cards settings on their own. The settings allow us to switch the Han-Yu-Pin-In and English words on and off. We can also set the cards to the auto play version which can play the cards between 1-10 secs as we wish.

The app comes with about 10 free cards

You can select the quest mode which hides the words until you click on the card

More cards are available.

We got the staff picks which include a mix of topics

For people who likes using flash cards as a supplementary teaching tool, the Mandarin Flash card app is quite a convenient aid. Will be good if the add on packs contain more cards. 50 cards ran out really fast when you are flashing the cards at 1 sec per card. Of course, at $0.99 USD for 50 cards, the cost is still much cheaper than if you purchase physical packs of cards.

Available on: iPhone and iPads

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  1. ichineseflashcards
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    May I suggest (helps you learn Chinese (Mandarin) faster by using flashcards with pictures), thanks

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