Mobile Apps for Busy Parents

Having had my iPhone for two years, the applications that are free or deliciously cheap to download have made our lives easier and also so much more fun and enriching.  Some of them helped teach kids about reading, writing and general knowledge and  keep them entertained for good period of times. Others just help us go about our tasks faster and more easily.  Its’s not just for iPhone users either, some of the apps are also available on Andriod and other mobile devices.

Mobile Apps we love.

Entertaining and teaching our kids

iWriteWords (Free/$2.99)

This app makes starting my kid on practicing his writing almost effortless. My boy starts learning the correct sequence of the strokes with this application and enjoyed it so much he asked for my iphone so that he can practice writing.
More on iWriteWords…

Learning to write made easy.

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch.


Mee Genius (Free)

Books read in karaoke style for the kids. Beautiful illustration of familiar tales and fables together with fresh editing make the story engaging for the kids. Each book is read as the word being read is highlighted. The app comes with 6 free stories. More on Mee Genius…

This app help read to your kid.

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch, Android.

BrainPOP (Free)

This app enhance our general knowledge daily with a new video of an animated movie of the subject of the day and a quiz. We have lots of great time learning from this app.
More on BrainPOP…

BrainPOP is a great way to build up general knowledge.

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch.

Shape Builder (Free/$0.99)

A combination of puzzles and learning new objects, numbers and letters  with sounds and  voice over. This app is great for the 3-5 years old for learning names of objects and solving puzzles. More on Shape Builders…

Mobile Apps we love.

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch


Making our lives easier

Go There ($2.99)

This is a guide on how to get from point A to point B in Singapore. Especially useful for when I want to go to a new place  to explore with my boy.  The app just need your current location and destination and tells you the time you will need and amount you will spent getting around by bus, train and bus or taxi. I love this application. The $2.99 I paid for it more than pay for itself from the amount of cab fare I saved.

Getting around made easy

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch.

Evernote (Free)

Voice notes, camera notes or just plain old text, this application is great as it sync with your iphone and your online account. Hence, I always have access to my notes whether I have my iphone with me or I am just in front of a computer.

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

Dictionary (Free)

Always handy to keep around when in doubt of the meaning of a word, when in need of a similar word or just to verify the pronunciation. This free app lets you search for a word, switch between dictionary and thesaurus mode and listen to the word. You can even add a word to your favorite list. There is also a word a day feature to enrich your vocabulary.

Searching for a word and finding it

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch, Android,Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

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