Pretty Princess Cakes

Girls love pretty stuff and most will probably love a pretty princess cake on their special day. We found quite a number of bakeries that make the loveliest princess cakes. Here are are our favorites.


Princess Castle Cakes

We love these castles wit the details of the castle complete with flowers growing on the castle walls. You can have princess figurines standing on top.    The picture below shows castle cakes from cupcakedivinity, Cake Funtasie, eCreative and Ina Cakes 

Castle cakes

Princess Doll Cakes

The kids get her barbie or other toy dolls after the party. Plus the dolls look simply gorgeous with the beautifully sculpted dresses. eCreative, Cakequembouche and Cake Avenue are some of the bakeries that make princess doll cakes.


Barbie doll cakes

Princess figurines and pretty crowns.

Many bakeries make princess cakes in the shape of crowns and tiaras or customized figurines from favorite characters. Below show Golden Crown Cake from Sensational Cakes and Rapunzel cake from Cake Avenue.


Crown and Rapunzel cake

DIY your Princess Cake

For the adventurous who wants to try the do it yourself method, the internet offers many resources that teach you how to bake your princess cake. Our guess blogger from Piece of cake made these doll cakes for her daughters’ birthdays.


DIY your own cake.

Check out this informative video on how to make a doll cake.

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