Review: Tollyjoy Anti-Bacterial Milk Bottle

Recently, I received a set of newly-launched Tollyjoy anti-bacterial milk bottles, compliments from Tollyjoy.
I decided to try out the Tollyjoy anti-bacterial milk bottle as the milk bottle is made with Anti-microbial Nano Sliver (Ag+) technology that prevents 99% bacterial growth. It also has anti-wind feeding teat with a unique air vent to prevent colic.

For me, the most important criteria for choosing a milk bottle brand lies in the feeding teat. I have spent a lot on getting the right feeding teat for my kids. The feeding teat were either producing lots of air bubbles or collapsing.
It was so annoying when my little one tried so hard to suck the milk through the collapsing teat. She had to open her mouth to release the air bubbles. After a while, she just gave up that drinking session.

Tollyjoy anti-bacterial feeding bottle

Tollyjoy anti-bacterial feeding bottle

The milk bottle I have is a wide neck 160ml bottle with M size milk hole. The moment I take the bottle out from the box, I couldn’t help noticing the shape of the bottle. The shape of the bottle isn’t exactly round and yes, my little one would definitely hold the bottle with ease.
Somehow or it’s just my imagination, the feeding teat feels softer and smoother than the ones I have used.

Milk teat closeup

Air vent at the side of the teat

As my little one was drinking with her new milk bottle, there was sound coming from the feeding teat. I thought the feeding teat has collapsed producing the sound but it was not. There wasn’t any air bubbles either. Within minutes, she finished all her milk, looking very contented.

In conclusion, this milk bottle has met my expectations: no air bubbles, no collapsing teat and most importantly, it’s anti-bacterial!

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