Shape Builder

Shape builder is one of the first mobile application we installed for our then 4 year old and it certainly engaged and taught him quite a bit during the road trips we had. The game is a combination of puzzles and learning new objects, numbers and letters with sounds and  voice over to add to the learning and entertainment. This app is great for the 3-5 years old for learning names of objects and solving puzzles.

Shape builder.

We love how the learning of numbers are made more interesting by just rewarding the kids with the cute number picture with hands and eyes and cookies!

Puzzle of numbers

Puzzle of numbers - Interesting pictures that appeal to kids

The learning of alphabets is nicely presented too. After completing the puzzle of a given letter, kids are rewarded with the picture of an animal or object that starts with the letter together with interesting sound effects.

Learn the alphabets by playing with puzzles.

K for Kangaroo!

A puzzle for fun and learning the names of things.

Puzzle of objects - Can you tell what this is?

Puzzle of objects - Grapes

All in all, a nice education game for preschoolers.  For the paid version, there are a total of 146 puzzles that include:

  • 30 Music instruments with sound effects
  • 17 Fruits & Vegetables
  • 37 Animals – awesome sound effects!
  • 26 Letters – speech therapist sounds out each letter in a fun way
  • 20 Numbers – one through twenty!
  • 16 other fun items like Firetruck, & Police Officer

There is also a random play resets after all puzzles are completed. Here is a video from TheGeekDad’s Channel from youtube.

Available on: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch and Android devices.
$$$: USD1.99 for the iOS version SGD 2.46 for the Android version

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