The Going-To-Bed Book

The tree house stands tall and inviting.

Sandra Boyton is one of our favorite authors for toddler books and we probably have her to thank for my boy’s love of books. This is one of our favorites

This whimsical little book was first given to my son when he is 2 years old as his bedtime story. We had lots of fun with it, as the words rhythm and the illustrations is cute and funny. It got to a point when he can memorize every word.

We dig out the book one day when he was five and the found memories are still there. While he was not yet an independent reader, he can still recognize many of the words and that help give him confidence in reading.

He is also starting to notice funny little details in the illustration which cracks us both up and make for great bonding time!

Recommended for: Kids age 2-6

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  1. Jean
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    One of our favourite books too.

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