Twinkle Twinkle Elmo!

Bed time stories with my boy when my boy is a baby is one of those nightly bonding activities that will be remembered fondly even though he has grown up and no longer need them to settle into bed. Our favorites were those that talk about stuff he does before bedtime, soft books that can be washed and resistant to his habit of chewing those books and those with Elmo on it.

Cute Elmo bedtime cloth book.

So when LittleMangoPlace tell me about the new soft book she brought in and ask me to help take some pictures of it, I am eager to comply. Going through the pages, I was going ohs and ahs about why we never find a cloth book of that size and soft with a cute story and illustration and nice things to interact with when my boy was at his soft book stage. We started talking about how sometimes, what we like is not necessary what the kids like and how sometimes it is really lucky if we get something that both us and the kids love. At this moment, LittleMangoPlace’s 9 month old baby get wind of all the activity that is going on crawled over. The moment he see the page with Elmo brushing teeth he squealed excitedly and point to the book. We have a good laugh …looks like this one is tried and tested.

You can play with Elmo’s toy and the stars! 

Toothbrush and mirrors for showing the baby how to brush his teeth.

The toy box can be open and closed to “keep” the toys inside.

Elmo’s blanket can be flip open.

This softbook can be purchase at LittleMangoPlace’s Store

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