Holiday Programs and Camps for Kids June Holidays 2013

June Holiday Camps can be enriching and fun

There are camps and courses to expose kids to a variety of activities and also classes that sought to help students improve on the academic stuff. We have round up some great programs for kids in kindergarten, preschools and primary school kids.

We are updating this article as we find more interesting camps and classes to share with you. Do you know of a a good June holiday camp or class we missed? Leave us a a comment!

Experiment with Electricity

ems2kitexplore have a Electricity Workshop which comes with a nifty electricity learning kit where the kid get to do cool experiments like building a simple electric circuit to light an electric bulb.  They go on to use the circuit to learn stuff like whether connecting more batteries in parallel will affect the brightness of a bulb in a circuit  and what are electrical conductors and insulators.

For: Kids 5-7 and Kids 6 and above.
Where: Science Centre / Omni Theatre (Young Scientist Workshop) or HDB Hub Convention Centre (Let’s Explore Workshop)
When: 15 June 2013 11:00 am – 1:00 pm  (Young Scientist Workshop) 20 June 2013 12:30 – 2:30 pm (Let’s Explore Workshop)
Cost: $55 per child. Includes the respective Science Kit.

Junior Avian Keeper at the Bird Park

At Jurong Bird Park’s Junior Avian Keeper program, kids get some hands-on experience with tasks such as preparing feed and enrichment for the penguins, lories and baby birds. They will also visit the only avian hospital in the Asia Pacific and find out  what goes on in maintaining the health of the birds.

For: Kids 10 -12 years old
Where: Jurong Bird Park
When: 7 June (Fri)  8.45am – 5.45pm
Cost:$250.00 per child (excludes 7% GST)

Discover Science

Discovery Vacation Camps have a number of cool science camps that help the kids learn science while having fun. There is a variety of classes for Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils. With topics such as Aerodynamics and Light & magnetism projects such as Simple Turbines for older kids and Free fall, gravity for the P2 and P3 kids, there is plenty to learn. Each camp include outings to the places such as the  Pet Farm, Biscuit Factory and Wetlands & Mangrove.

For: Kids 6-12 years old
Where: New Town Primary, Tao Nan School or Ai Tong School
Duration and Time: 5 Days Camp  09:00 AM – 05:00 PM , 10- 14 June 2013 or 17-21 June 2013
Cost: $420

Be a toy inventor and kidpreneur

Kids get to be a toy designer, manufacturer, sales and marketer for their toy “companies”.  They will even create actual working models of the toy they invent using daily household items and recycled materials. In the process, kids will be exposed to the concepts of managing resources, pricing and manufacturing costs. Check out Inventive Kids for more details on Discover The Kidpreneur In You.

For: Kids 8 -15 years old
Where: Anchorvale Community Club, 59 Anchorvale Road
Duration and Time: 3 Days Programme 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM , 24-Jun-13 to 26-Jun-13
Cost: $270-$280 (inclusive Materials Fee and Snacks / But Lunch Not Included)

Learn Golf

KinderGolf is organizing a Golf Express Camp specially for young children with no prior exposure to golf. Golf experience is not required. Kids learn the skill of putting and chipping. In addition, kids will learn about golf safety, golf etiquette and rules through fun activities

For: Kids 3 -7 years old
Where: Great World City
Duration and Time: 10am to 2pm, 12 June 2013
Cost:$108 (subject to 7% GST) includes use of golf equipment, learning materials & tea break

Learn to Skate and Be a Super Hero

Skate with Us is organizing a Superheroes Skate Camp. Campers get transform into their favorite Superheroes. Besides learning to skate, kids get to take part in exciting activities like the Superheroes Pizza Contest and the all new Superheroes Amazing Race on Wheels!

For: Kids 3 -12 years old
Where: West Coast Park,  East Coast Park or Sengkang River Side Park
Duration and Time: 4 Half Day Camps or  1,2 or 4  Full Days camp. 9am to 5pm.  3-6, 10-13 17-20 or 24-27 June 2013
Cost: $198 – $518

Be an Arts Super Kid

The Little Arts Academy is organizing a 3-day Super heroes arts camp and children will be exposed to four art forms – dance, theatre, culinary arts and visual arts. The kids will get to make their own props and fight villians, whip up a nutritious superhero meal, create their own Super’Grooves and in addition, get to act and disguise like Spiderman.

For: Kids 3 -12 years old
Where: PoMo, 1 Selegie Road, #05-01/02, Singapore 188306
Duration and Time: 6-8 June | 10 am to 4.30 pm
Cost: $120 per child or $90 per child for groups of four.

Brush up on Writing

Want the kids to be more independent and confident writers? Creative Edge Learning is launching iWriteMORE, a series of preparatory writing workshops for students from Primary 1 to 6 (7 -12 year olds) To register, contact us at +65-63385657 or email at

For: Kids 7-12
Where: 9 Penang Road Park Mall #08-03
Duration and Time:  3 hours over 3 days. P1 & P2 Schedule: 4 – 7 June 10am – 12pm, P3 & P4 Schedule: 12 -14 June 2pm – 5pm, P5 & P6 Schedule: 10- 12 June 9am – 12pm,
Cost: $315 – $365

Do Sports, Learn to Cook, Brush up on Mandarin or Do all of the activities

Camp Asia offers fun and exciting activities from art and craft to sports during the school holidays. There are multi-activity camps and specialist camp, such as the Sports Star Camp,  Super Chef and Mini Mandarin Camp for children aged three to 11 years old.

For: Kids 3 -11 years old
Where:  Australian International School
Duration and Time: 5 Days. 9am -3pm.  June 17th- 21st 201 and 24h June to 28th June  2013 (Australian International School) 2013
Cost: $425  to $645 per week

Gets hands on with Invention and Robotics

Wonderswork have a Space Invention Camp where kids get to design, build, document, test and improve on build space-themed inventions and robotics, just like real inventors do. Fee includes Lunch, Free Goodie Bag with Flight Suit. There is  No Registration Fee

For: 6 – 12 year old
Where:  WondersWork@Liang Court
Duration and Time: 10.30am – 3pm.  4 – 6 June 2013 (Full), 18-20 June  or 25 – 27 June 2013 (Full)
Cost: $338 for the 1st 3 registrations only (Usual Fee: $368)

Learn Weiqi

This ancient game is an awesome way to exercising one’s memory, math and strategic thinking skills. Singapore Weiqi Association is organizing a series of  holiday camp to teach the fundamentals of this ancient game. Some classes are conduct in Mandarin so check with their schedule first.

For: Primary /Secondary School Kids
Where: Wei Qi Association Bishan Clubhouse at Bishan Community Centre or City Clubhouse at ICB Enterprise House
Duration and Time:  9.00 am- 12.oo pm or 2.00 – 5 pm,  3rd to 7 th June 10 -14 June, 17 to 21 June and24 to 28 June.
Cost: $220 including registration. (Buzz The first session is free and if the students wish to continue, they will only need to pay $200 for the remaining lessons.)

ACT 3 Drama Academy’s ‘Stories in rhymes’

“Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods. They find a candy house in the middle of the forest, only to be greeted by…the Three Bears?!”  ACT 3 Drama Academy’s ‘‘Fractured Fariy Tales’ for 3 to 7 year olds  aims to encourage the development of the imagination a as children actively participate, share, and present a special humorous twist to well known and ageless fairy tales.

For: Kids 3 -7 years old
Where: 126 Cairnhill Road #22 Cairnhill Art Centre
Duration and Time: 2hr workshops 9.30 am to 11.30 am ot  3 pm to 5 pm 3 – 7 June, 10 – 14 June or 24 – 28 June
Cost: $250

More things to do

There are plenty of places to visit and things to do besides plenty of other activities specially design for the kids this year. Here are some ideas:

Visit a Farm, check out  Museum or Galleries, go to an Indoor playground, have some water fun at a Water play place, and enjoy being outside at Outdoor playgrounds

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