Visiting Angry Birds Activity Park at Johor Bahru

There is a new Angry Birds Theme Park Johor Bahru, Malaysia! At 26,000 square feet, this angry birds themed indoor playground on the 3rd floor of a new shopping mall offers lots of play opportunities for the whole family.


Angry Birds Activity Park, here we come!

Many of the play areas can be link to the various angry bird games like Angry Bird Space and Angry Bird Go.

Angry Birds here we come!

There are plenty for Angry Birds Characters all over, so plenty of photo opportunities with your favourite character.

Lots of Angry Birds

We are super excited to play and had a fabulous fun time and here are the play areas we love in order of how much we love it.

Giant Leap Foam Pit and Anti Gravity Trampoline

There is this area call Utopia which includes many Anti Gravity Trampolines, Wire Slack Lines, a Spinning Time Machine and a Giant Foam Pit. It’s not call utopia for nothing. The kids love jumping tirelessly on the trampoline and playing Tarzan, swinging and jumping into the Foam Pit.

Utopia. Probably the kids favourite!

Space Drop Air Bag

This is another hot favourite. It’s so fun jumping down onto the air bag beneath that the kids patiently wait for their turn before running up the stairs again for more.


I can’t help but notice the Age Restriction sign that says it’s for people above 10. But no one wants to spoil the fun of the kids who are more than game to try this out. There is a staff at the gate that made sure the kids wait till the person in front is done before being allowed to the jump.

Lazer Maze Space Ship and Piggy Shooting Gallery

The laser maze in this piggy space ship is one hot favourite.

Get into the Space Ship

Remember Catherine Zeta Jones snaking her way under the laser beams in the the movie, “Entrapment?” Here you can choose your level of difficulty. Snake your way through the laser beams to get to the other side of the egg and push the button. If you hit a laser beam on the way, the lights flicker and you know you are busted!

Does the Piggy Shooting Gallery remind you of the  Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game? Now you can shoot the pigs with foam balls.

Shoot the Pigs and navigate the maze in space

Angry Birds GO! Kart Track and Bird Nest Climbing Track

We love these! The go cart track is like The one in Angry Bird Go! Go early as the queue builds up in the afternoon. There are Karts of different size and you can go into a tunnel just like in the game!

Get on the Go Karts!

Riding around the track

We love how the climbing structures are built around the Go Kart so you can look pass the transparent walls at what the people below are doing. This is great for hide and seek with many nooks and tunnels and ropes and even a mini foam pit!


This is not a soft playground so do keep the little ones attended.

Climbing around along the track

Red Bird Goal

Score a Goal!

Lazer Bird Scoot

Here is where you can get on a scooter and ride on a slope! Wish there are knee guards for the kids though as the floor is hard and kids can fall quite easily over here. It’s a good experience nevertheless.

Get on your scooter!

South Beach: For the little ones

This area, with the Angry Bird Mini Cinema and smaller play structures are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. There is also a giant screen to play angry bird games on the big screen some nifty foam parts which kids can use to make their own playground.

Nice area for toddlers ans preschoolers

The younger ones can start training on their pre cycling skills here and play with the Sona, an iterative dance play system.

The Sona and little bicycles without peddles


For parents who are not so keen on joining the fun, there is a parents’ lounge outside the park.  You can see the playground from there and there is free wi-fi and never ending angry bird movies as well as plenty of chairs and sofa where kids and parents can rest comfortably.

Sit and look over the kids


How to Get There

It is really quite easy to get to Angry Birds Activity Park. Located on the third floor of the new Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC),  you can simply walk over from Johor Bahru Checkpoint and Immigration (Link 1) via a link bridge. Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre is also connected to City Square Mall which offers lots of meal options and shopping after you are done.

By Public Transport: There are a number of bus and coach services that go to  Johor Bahru  from Singapore including  SBS 160, 170 and SMRT 950. We took 170 from Kranji Mrt and reached there in less than an hour including time spent at both Singapore and Malaysia’s Immigration.

Where: Level 3, KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor. Malaysia.

Opening Hours and Cost

The Activity Park is opened from 10am to 10pm daily. We went prepared to just spent 3 hours there on a Thursday since it is the school holiday but were pleasantly surprised when the people at the ticketing counter told us that our tickets are valid for the whole day.

According to the website, Friday – Sunday and public holiday / school holidays or peak days, tickets are valid for only 1 session.  There are 3 fixed time sessions available: Session 1: 10am – 1pm | Session 2: 2pm – 5pm | Session 3: 6pm – 10pm.

Tickets cost 75 Rm (Approx S$30) per person or RM280.00 (Approx S$112) for a Family Pass for 4 persons

More Information/Tips

The place have lots of similarity to indoor playgrounds. Shoes need to be place on shoe racks outside before entering. Socks are compulsory so bring your own or purchase a pair for 3RM at the counter. There are pay per use lockers available too. The Angry Bird Cafe is not ready yet but there are vending machine and ice cream available at near a sitting area outside. No food and drinks are allowed in the park.

We can go out of the park and return later so we break for lunch at KFC before returning to the park for a second round of play.

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